Storytelling: A Quick Start Guide for Life Science Marketers

Posted by Chris Conner


You can't swing a laptop without hitting a blogger writing about storytelling these days. It seems to be the current buzzword in marketing.

The word "storytelling" makes you think of an audience hanging on every word as the teller spins a captivating tale.

As life science marketers, we'd like to capture some of that same magic. Some brands seem to do it effortlessly. But when something looks effortless, you can be sure a lot of thought and practice went into it.

Even though storytelling is in our blood as humans, it doesn't come naturally to everyone. Fortunately, like any other skill, it can be learned. And you won't have to sign up for a workshop at a groovy weekend retreat.

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You May Not Need As Much Content as You Think

Posted by Chris Conner


In a survey of life science marketers last year, 70% of those using marketing automation said they struggled to create enough content.

There can be many reasons for this including lack of personnel, budget, and of course, time. 

Marketing automation runs on content to a large degree. But you don't create content to feed your marketing automation tool, you create it to educate your customers and persuade them to buy.

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Why Your "Just Win" Content Marketing Strategy Won't

Posted by Chris Conner


It’s that time of year. Marketing planning season has arrived.

Do you know what it will take to win? Can everyone on your team state the goals you are working towards?

I don’t just mean numbers of leads. I mean do they understand the specific goal, or strategy, for how you will win? These are goals such as “Increase monthly traffic by 30% within the next 6 months.” Or “Convert 15% more web visitors to contacts over the next year.”

Goals are important and a goal for the number of leads you need to generate makes good sense to drive your business. But it’s not enough. It doesn’t help you or anyone on your team focus on the best opportunities for content marketing to get you to your overall goal. 

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Why You Should Get on an Airplane to Attend This Content Marketing Workshop

Posted by Chris Conner


Maybe you've been interested in attending the interactive "Life Science Content Marketing Made Easy" workshop but thought you couldn't justify the expense.  Would you be kind enough to let me justify it for you (and your boss)?

Think about your marketing budget for the next 12 months.

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Avoid The Costly Mistake That Even Some Good Life Science Marketing Blogs Are Making

Posted by Chris Conner


It happens to everyone sooner or later.

You get that feeling that something just isn't right. You are putting a lot of effort into your blog, but you aren't sure the results are what they could be.

At some point someone is going to ask you how well it's working. How do make sure you can show the return on your effort?

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Podcast Interview: Trends and Best Practices for Video in Life Science Marketing

Posted by Chris Conner


If you are using video or considering it as part of your marketing mix and want to make sure you generate as many leads as possible, you'll want to listen to the podcast below.

I sat down with Tyler Kay, the founder of Digital Creative Associates in San Francisco this week to discuss the use of video in life science marketing. It's likely you have seen some of his viral videos including The PCR Song and Small Molecule Investigation.

But viral videos are not the only opportunity to make an impact on your campaigns. 

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What Can You Learn From "Car Talk" to Make Your Blog More Successful?

Posted by Chris Conner


I have a question for you. Does your blog inspire people to come back on a regular basis to consume more content? 

Last weekend, while on the way to see the new Spiderman movie with my son, I turned on the radio just in time to hear "Car Talk" on NPR. You may be familiar with this popular talk show.  Callers dial in from all over the country to have Tom and Ray Magliozzi diagnose their car problems on the air. 

Their collective knowledge is impressive. They can seemingly diagnose any automotive anomaly without even seeing the car. But that's not the reason the show is successful. And when you understand their secrets, you can make your blog more successful too.

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Use This Form Strategy to Deliver More Qualified Leads to Your Sales Team

Posted by Chris Conner


Marketers often talk about the buyer’s journey. Why doesn’t anyone ever talk about the marketer’s journey? Who is looking out for your needs? How can you get the information that will help you help your customers more effectively and generate better qualified leads?

Buyers are expected to ask a lot of questions over the course of a sales cycle. Experienced sales people are asking good questions all the time. So what keeps marketers from doing the same?

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Social Media Quick Start Kit

Posted by Chris Conner


If you are reading this, you have been thinking about how to incorporate social media as part of your content marketing strategy. You may even have experience with at least one platform. But if you struggle to understand not only which one works best, but even how each platform is used in the most basic sense, you are not alone.

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4 Things Your Competitors Want You to Keep Doing

Posted by Chris Conner


Right now, your competitors may be happily enjoying your website.

They may be envious of your beautiful design, but what really makes them giddy is seeing how hard you are working to generate new leads. In fact, they’d love it if you worked harder.

Why is that?

Because they like seeing you expend effort needlessly.

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